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If you are looking for trusted and qualified skin needling services in Belmont & Geelong, Timeless Glamour has got you covered. I am experienced in skin needling and passionate about yielding quality results for clients, but what exactly is skin needling and what are the benefits it provides?

Skin needling is a treatment that stimulates the formation of new collagen and elastin in the face. It works to smooth facial lines, acne scarring and stretch marks, improve skin texture, as well as encourage regeneration of collagen cells in the skin. The process of skin needling involves making small microscopic punctures on the surface layer of the skin. This tightens and smooths the skin, giving it an improved appearance.

No matter your skin condition, the Timeless Glamour team’s personalised approach mean that you will receive a service that is completely tailored to solving your problems. I can identify areas of concern and provide treatment to help you feel more confident in your appearance.

I use the latest technology and products to carry out this service and keep you involved in every step of the procedure. You can rest assured that you will be pampered, and can expect improved skin results from our skin needling services in Belmont, Geelong.

After your skin needing appointment, it is important that you avoid harsh skincare products and exfoliation, excessive sun exposure and hot showers. Opt for hydrating and soothing skincare and take gentle care of yourself during the days after your appointment. The best results from skin needling are achieved from regular appointments. I recommend you book appointments for 4-6 treatments, with a month in between each appointment.

To learn more about our micro skin needling in Geelong, please get in contact today on 0407 123 497. I also provide facial fat treatments for those in Geelong looking to address excess fat on their face.