Revitalise with quality dermal enhancement treatments in Belmont, Geelong

If you want to revitalise your appearance, Timeless Glamour’s dermal enhancement treatments in Belmont, Geelong, could be just what you are after.

With our qualified registered nurse handling the treatment, you’ll find the process smooth and the results satisfying. Replenishing volume and smoothing skin through dermal enhancements is a great way to recapture a more youthful look. And people in Geelong are embracing the treatment.

At Timeless Glamour, we understand the effects of ageing on our face can be confronting for some people. The loss in facial structure, such as skin, fat and muscle, heralds a change in our appearance as the years march on. So it’s not surprising women and men seek help to feel more confident and happy about how they look.

Natural look

Dermal enhancements are a highly-effective option and very individualised for each person whilst maintaining a natural look. They’re often used on the face, lips, jawline and cheeks. You can also apply them to the neck area and hands.

Perhaps you want to address lip volume, cheeks or help soften lines on your face? Our dermal enhancement treatment in Belmont, Geelong makes these scenarios possible, without impacting your facial expression.

Timeless Glamour’s owner and registered nurse Debra Bedford has a passion for helping people feel good about themselves. She sees the positive effect this innovative treatment has on clients of all ages. It’s about lifting confidence, and being comfortable in your skin – and dermal enhancements can make a real difference in achieving those goals.

If you want to find out more about our dermal enhancements treatment for Belmont and Geelong clients, please don’t hesitate to contact Timeless Glamour on 0407 123 497.

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